Padlock in the bottle

Padlock in the bottle

One of the most popular theme between impossible bottle artists is padlock in the bottle. They use brass padlocks and looks really impossible. Putting a real padlock in a bottle isn’t more difficult than putting a wooden padlock. But if you prefer use a real padlock, the most difficult side of the project is finding an appropriate bottle and padlock. Unfortunately I can’t find yet. For this reason I decided to make a wooden padlock.

Another thing that I like is wooden chains. They looks very nice and a little impossible at first look. I decided to carve one for this project. I read an explication from a book and watch 1-2 videos from internet. With my little carving experience, according to my tools an capabilities I decided to develop my own method. My way require less skill and more methodical.

Here I am sharing my own experience. Some operations described here may be dangerous. I am not responsible for anything. Everything is in your own responsibility. If you want make your own project, you can preview or download free PDf file including more photos and some craft tips from here. (0.4 MB on secure server

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