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Vanishing trunk

Vanishing trunk puzzle

This puzzle consist of four pentomino pieces and a tetramino “L”. You can read more about this puzzle and you can see the beautiful original craft example of this puzzle from this article “What’s new in Polyomino Puzzles and Their Design” written by Stewart Coffin and Jerry Slocum.

Vanishing trunk partsThe original of this puzzle has a two sided tray. I saw on internet some commercial productions also made with a two sided tray. I am a lazy craftsman and for this reason making a two sided tray was too much work for me. When I decided to make this puzzle, the origial shape of this puzzle inspired me a house shape. Instead of making a two sided tray, I made a simple chimney. The aim of this puzzle removing the small cube from the chimney and putting it into the house.

Before long years ago, people was using stoves for heating their houses. When the spring arrive, people was dismounting that stoves and putting them to the basement. This design theme fits to this old tradition. I made puzzle pieces from 20×20 mm ready stock. I advise making the box approx. 2-3 mm bigger than pieces total dimensions. As you can see from photo, roof angle is 45°. I made the box frame from 20×10 mm ready stock. The base of the box is 3 mm plywood. Small cube on the chimney is a 20×20 mm block. The hole is 6 mm.

Thanks to Mr.Stewart Coffin from here for this nice puzzle design. To the base of the box two 20x20x30 mm pine (yellow) block fixed.