No smoking

No smoking impossible bottle

I made this bottle in November 2010. This is my first attempt for making an impossible bottle. I used a small olive oil bottle of 250 ml (¼ liter=8.45 fl oz). The cap inside diameter is 21 mm (about ¾ inch). First I put the inside portion of the match box into the bottle. I fold and glued it in the bottle. From this I learned how I can make the bottle dirty with glue and how to clean it. After, for putting the outside cover my first attempt was unsuccessful. The paint of the box is damaged and cracked. An other experience about starting with more than match box and how to remove back it from bottle. For second attempt I used steam as used for wood. Rolling the cardboard with steam is easy but making this without burning your fingers is experience. After I put it into the bottle, I unrolled it and glued. The box was ready. I found a simple method for putting all matchsticks into the match box less than half minute. Can you find it?

With only one matchbox inside it, the bottle was looking too much empty. As humor I put some cigarettes. But as I don’t like tobacco industry and don’t give them one cent I made wooden cigarettes. I found cigarette dimensions. I prepared wooden rods and I coated them with printed cigarette paper. They looks like real cigarettes. (Also If you prefer using real cigarettes, tobacco produce small bugs after long years)

I made an impossible to open bottle cap and put a small label with a “no smoking symbol”.

By searching information about impossible bottles I found a nice web site. If you like artistic creations in bottles, you can visit A very nice web site with a lot of nice art objects. Also there are plans, tools, articles etc for building your own bottle arts. But as a puzzle enthusiast, if you interest only with impossible bottles you can see a few nice examples made by terry Butler from here. But in any case I can advise to read this article about a working watch made in a light bulb.

And if you are a smoker please put all of them in a bottle and never smoke again.

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