Free ebooks

With this page I am aiming sharing with you some free puzzle ebooks and articles.  I hope you find them useful.

Mechanical puzzle books

This books includes mostly mechanical puzzles,

Puzzles old and new

Puzzles old and new by hoffmann

An old but very good book about mechanical puzzles. You can find description of mechanical puzzles from Victorian age. This book is published in 1893. One of the oldest books about mechanical puzzles. You can download this book from archive .org from here.

You can read more about this book from puzzle museum. 



Puzzle craft

downloadIf you are a beginner about mechanical puzzles or if you want make your own puzzles you must read this book. This book has two editions. 1985 and 1992 edition. But 1992 edition don’t include all 1985 edition content. For this reason I advise to download both edition. You can download this book from here.  




The star Games, tricks and puzzles

Star games

Another old book published in 1893. There are only a few page about mechanical puzzles. In this book there is also some games and magic tricks. You can download this book from from here.





The sociable; or, One thousand and one home amusements

The sociableAn old book published in 1858 and written by George Arnold and Frank Cahill. According to book description: this book contains proverbs, dramatic charades, acting charades, or drawing-room pantomimes, musical burlesques, tableaux vivants, parlor games, games of action, forfeits, science in sport, and parlor magic, and a choice collection of curious mental and mechanical puzzles, &c., &c. : illustrated with nearly three hundred engravings and diagrams, the whole being a fund of never-ending entertainment.


 Mathematical puzzle books

I share here some book links. This books include mostly very nice mathematical pzzles. But inside them there are a few mechanical puzzles. You can find also some nice ideas for making mechanical puzzles from this math puzzles.

Amusements in mathematics

Amusements in mathematics

A very nice and famous books. For me this book is a lot of hour mathematical entertainment. There are also a lot of nice idea for making some mechanical puzzles. You can download this book from Different formats are available.










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