With this page I am aiming sharing my toy projects with you. I hope you like them.

Monster Cube

Monster cube toy puzzle

This monster cube is a standard 3×3 Rubic cube modification. My aim was making a simple drawing toy for children. On each side of the cube there are a different monster head. All monster heads are compatible with other heads. By turning the cube you can make different monsters. For using as a drawing toy for children, you must print or draw 3×3 grid drawing papers and give them with cube to a child. Drawings are very simple. Children can copy each square to the paper. After they can paint their own monsters. They can add body, hands, hats etc.

If you want, you can use this puzzle as a standard Rubik cube , you can try to make the original monsters.

Making this toy/puzzle is very easy. First I peeled off all labels of the cube. After I made my monster drawings on a 3×3 grid paper according to my cube dimensions. You can use the image given in this page. You can paint digitally this image or you can print it black and white and paint with ink pens as you wish. If your Rubik cube is black like mine, you can paint digitally or with an ink pen outsides of labels to black. You can scale and print according to your cube dimensions. Printing directly on labels is easier. But printing on paper and fixing them with glue on cube surfaces is also possible. After preparing your labels you must cut them with a craft knife. If you want something more durable, you can coat the surface of labels with clear scotch tape. After fixing labels on cube surfaces, your monster cube is ready. I hope your kids like it.

Monster cube labels

Rocking chair from wooden clothes pegs

Rocking chair

This is a simple craft project. It was very popular in Turkey in 1980’s. Today plastic clothes pegs widely used instead of wooden pegs. But if you can find some wooden pegs you can make easily your own rocking chair. For assembly I used white carpenter glue. It’s durable and easy to work. If you like make a more fine quality project I advise a fine sanding for clothe pegs before starting. In general the surface quality of them is rough. And as all wood works more sanding is more quality. For finish you can apply a thin coat of varnish or if you have time and patience an oil finish may be great. And find a funny character to sit on your chair and have fun.

For the chair on the photo I used very small miniature clothes pegs. For this reason I cut two f them. If you use standard pegs, you don’t need to cut any peg. If you want make your own chair, you can download free PDF file including very detailed assembly instructions from here. (0.5 MB on secure server

Wooden workers

Wooden men

Wooden workers is a very easy craft project and a classic toy that all children like to play.This workers is very nice to play with smallscale metal cars. You can add some traffic lights, traffic signs or other accessories. By using ready stocks sold in hardware stores,with a scroll saw, jigsaw or only by using smallhand saws, it’s possible to make more thantwenty in one day. You can paint them as you wish. You can makevery different characters by painting them. As you can see from photo two men at the right have upper arms. If you make this toy for children under 3 years old don’t add this arms.

I prepared drawings for making them from 15,20,25 mm and 1/2, 3/4 1″ ready stocks.If you like to make your own wooden workers you can print drawings for metric and use them as template. If you need you can scale the drawings and you can make your custom size wooden workers. You can preview or download free PDF file including cutting instructions and templates from here. (0.4 MB on secure server


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