Whip it puzzle modification

Whip it puzzle

Last month, in a small shop that sells everything I found a “Whip it” puzzle key chain. It was very cheap. As an interesting human behavior when we find a bargain we buy more than we need. I put one copy to my collection and started to think what to make with extra copies. This puzzle is an easy puzzle. I decided to make it a little more difficult by making each color tile different. Now the aim of the puzzle is arranging each color in a column and in correct order.

Numbering each tile was my first idea. But labels peel off easily. For this reason I dismounted this puzzle and drilled holes on tiles. One hole for “1”, two hole for “2” and no hole for “3”. (Or if you like you can accept for “0”). Dismounting and mounting this puzzle is very easy. There are a small screw on the top of the puzzle. You can see easily and you can reach with a small screw driver after removing the key chain.

You can modify your “whip it” key chain puzzles or big size “whip it” puzzles if you have more than one.

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