Coffee Love

Coffee love puzzle

I love puzzles,games, woodwork, books,cooking etc. I love also coffee. Coffee is a good companion for your other loves. You can drink a coffee when you solve a puzzle or when you read a book.

This puzzle is a tricky take apart puzzle and has some similarities with blind mazes. But blind mazes connect both end of the maze. In this puzzle you put the ball from the small hole at the top of the mug and take it out from the bottom of mug. There is a small trick and you can’t take back the ball out from the top of the mug.

This is an easy project. I finished in weekend with a 1,5 day work. This puzzle may be a good recycle project too. Inside bottom of old mugs generally cracks after long years. I use them as a flower pot for my cactuses. This puzzle may be a new use for old mugs. You can put this puzzle on your coffee table and have fun with friends. That kind of puzzles are easy to make and has low material cost. For this reason may be a good gift for your friends.  

mug drilling

The small difficulty of this project is drilling porcelain. With a glass drill bit (3-5 USD chip ones) and using water you can drill easily your old mugs. But be careful and wear safety goggles and gloves and read more about glass and porcelain drilling before starting.

If you like make your own puzzle , you can download from here free PDF file (1.1 MB on secure server or you can see step by step instructions from

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