Crazy Twins

puzzle pieces

This is a 4x4x4 cube. Normally making 4x4x4 cube puzzles require too much cut and wood. If you make a 4x4x4 cube from individual cubes, you must cut 64 cubes. Additionally they became big. My design aim was designing a cube possible to make from ready stocks on the market, easy to make with less cut and possible to make small The result is this puzzle.

This puzzle has eight pieces. For making this puzzle you can use ready wooden stocks available from hardware or craft stores.

You will need two kind of stock.

a x a and a x 2a dimensions

For metric stocks 10×10 and 10×20 or 15×15 and 15×30 (better for playing) is a good choice. For inch stocks I guess you can find ½ x ½ inch and ½ x 1 inch

With three setup of your saw you can cut all pieces

a x 2a x 3a you will need 8 pieces
a x a x 2a you will need 4 pieces
a x a x a you will need 8 pieces

After you can glue pieces according to pieces drawing.

This puzzle is difficult and confusing. For cube there is only one solution. Unfortunately making different shapes isn’t possible. And the solution,

crtw solution

2 thoughts on “Crazy Twins

  1. Fermín Montes

    Hola! sí que debe de ser difícil, porque estoy intenetando hacerlo con la solución a la vista y no puedo. Sería posible que me lo enviasen con las fichas de diferentes colores? ¿ o con reseñeas A,B,C D de las diferentes fichas?
    Gracias, Un saludo.


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