Lobster Box

Lobster puzzle box

This puzzle box is my another design. I can say this is third generation of “Twin Lock Box” This time there aren’t any visible keys or holes. For opening the box you must use gravity and magnetism. And lobster is a mile stone for the solution

I made the box from ovenghaul. It’s a nice hard wood with a rich texture. First I was planing a red lobster. For this reason I selected a clear wood for box. After some try, I decided to this color for lobster. On this box, I also rounded all edges. I think the box looks better. Overall dimensions of this box is 92x92x150 mm.

I carved the lobster from a hard wood. For my box ornaments I read a book about traditional Japanese small scale wood carvings called “Netsuke”. The name of this book is “Carving Netsuke”. A nice book for learning method and tools. Thanks for this free e book to Mr.Tom Sterling. You can visit his web site and learn more about carving netsuke and you can see his art works and download this free ebook. This lobster is my first attempt. I like use that type of carvings in my future projects.

The lobster on this box is only for hiding a small magnet. If you don’t have enough carving experience or ıf you don’t like carve a lobster, you can make a different ornament for hiding the magnet.

If you like make your own puzzle box, you can download from here free PDF file (1.4 MB on secure server box.com)

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