Penguin board

penguin peg solitaire board

Another peg solitaire board. Mr. George Bell advised me this “Truncated triangle board“. Thanks again from here. When I saw this board I was think an owl shape but after drawing the board I decided for a penguin. A very small but very nice board. You can read more from George Bell’s triangular peg solitaire page and find problems for this board. Rules are same with peg solitaire but diagonal moves also allowed. You can play online from here.

This board dimensions is approximately 110×160 mm. I used 18 mm white pine. Marbles are standard 16 mm marbles. For penguin eye I used two 7 mm glass bead. I drilled marble holes with 13 mm drill. Hole depth is about 6 mm. Black lines are made by wood burning. I painted black parts with ink and I applied a very thin varnish.

If you want make your own penguin board I prepared two free PDF file. One of them include cutting, drilling and painting  template, other file is problem cards. I prepared 35 card from easy to difficult. You can preview or download them from links given below.
Template PDF for cutting, drilling, painting etc.  ( 65 KB on secure server 
Problem cards PDF ( 11.4 MB on secure server box .com)

5 thoughts on “Penguin board

    1. inkydays Post author

      Thanks to you for this puzzle. In your web site there are a lot of nice peg board and ideas. Some of them are in my workshop list for future. Thaks also for your nice web site.


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