Cash transfer puzzle

Cash transfer low1

The original name of this puzzle is “Five yen puzzle“. I saw this puzzle in an article written by Yutaka Nishiyama. You can read more about this puzzle from this article. The original puzzle was made with a wooden board and two 5 Japanese yen. I decided to make one for me with an old credit card.

Cash transfer puzzle

The aim of this puzzle is to transfer both coin to the same side of the loop. Two coin and a credit card is a funny cash transfer theme. Rope arrangements are visible from photo. Red dashed line show the back side of the card. Holes on coins is about 6 mm and coins diameter is about 16 mm. Holes on credit card are 10 mm. I made this holes with a sharp wood drill bit by drilling same hole from both side but you can find also your own method. They must be smaller than coins. This puzzle isn’t different than “African ball puzzle” and solution is same. Another very easy to make puzzle. I hope you like this theme.

2 thoughts on “Cash transfer puzzle

    1. diypuzzles

      Thanks, you are very attentive. Yes there is a connection for two end of the rope at the back side of the card. But instead of a knot I used a small bead and fixed both end of the rope to the bead. According to the rope thickness a small metal or plastic tube may be used for connecting rope ends. Or a small metal piece may be bent and used as a connection piece. Simply making a knot also possible but will not look nice.


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