Get this goat

Get his goat

For designing this sliding puzzle, I am inspired from well-known classic “Get my goat puzzle” . As you can see from photo, the piece with goat illustration is different from “Get my goat puzzle”. Photo show start position ( After putting removed two piece into the box). At the beginning the goat is outside of the fence. The aim of this puzzle is to put the goat into the fence. The solution also is different an a little tricky. At first look you will see the solution as impossible. But there is a small trick. You can guess the solution according the photo.

Tips for making your own puzzle:
1 – For making this puzzle I used 30×10 mm ready beech stock. Box frame is made from 10×10 mm ready stock. And the base is made of 6 mm plywood.
2 – As you can see from photo I used small and thin magnets for auto positioning pieces. But I don’t advise to use magnets for sliding puzzles. They stick more than I was expected and make difficult to move pieces.
3- Making the box 2-3 mm bigger than total dimension of pieces is advised for all wooden puzzles because wood change dimension according weather conditions.

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