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Lollipop puzzle

Lollipop puzzle1

This puzzle is very similar to Dumb-bell puzzle. For craft tips you can read Dumb-bell puzzle. The aim of the puzzle is removing the ring.

Lollipop puzzle

If you want make your own puzzle this small drawing can help you,

Lollipop puzzle


Free the bee puzzle

free the bee puzzle

Hello again after long time. I can’t find time to enter to my workshop for long time. A few days ago I found this wooden bee spoons for a very cheap price (almost wood price) in a local shop discount and I bought them for making this easy and well known puzzle with a different funny theme. The aim of this puzzle as puzzle name says to free small wooden bee. (or a ring if you like). Puzzle pieces are here,

free bee low01

The bee is made of two piece and has a function like a ring. If you are lazy like me you can use a ring instead of making a wooden bee. I cut the bee from 3 mm plywood and mahogany ring piece was a small scrap on my workshop desk (about 20x15x15 mm)I glued the bee. I drilled 3 mm holes to the bottom of honey spoons.

free bee low02

If you want make your own puzzles my approximate dimensions are here,

free bee dim

If you can find cheap honey spoons you can make a simplified version of this puzzle as lollipop puzzle.


Turtles puzzle

turtles puzzle

Another variation of three hole puzzle that I made . Puzzle pieces and approximate dimensions are here,

turtles 001

turtles puzzle pcs

For solution and detailed rope arrangement photos you can download or preview my free PDF file from here. (1.27 MB on secure server box.com).


Turtle and rabbits puzzle

Turtle and rabbits puzzle

This is my variation for three hole puzzle. This puzzle is more difficult to solve. The aim of the puzzle is removing center bead from the system. My dimensions for this puzzle is here.


For rope arrangement and solution I hope these photos will be enough.

If you change the rope arrangement you can make a different version of this puzzle, Here version 02 of this puzzle,

Turtle and rabbits puzzle

Three hole puzzle

Tree hole puzzle

Hello to all puzzle friends. After long time finally I can enter to my workshop for a few new puzzles. I was made this puzzle long time ago. This is a very easy puzzle. This puzzle may be a start point for beginners. the aim of the puzzle is removing the bead from the system. After making this puzzle I found this very simple and I decided to make a few variations more difficult. I will share them also with you. If you want make this puzzle my dimensions are here,

Three hole 02

I made this puzzle from a 3 mm thick wood piece. But wood thickness isn’t critical. You can use something between 3-10 mm. My bead diameter is about 20 mm. Bead diameter must be smaller than hole diameter. Rope arrangement and solution is below.


Stand up African ball puzzle

Stand up affrican ball puzzle

I made this puzzle also long time ago. If you turn this photo (or this puzzle) upside down, you will see this puzzle is exactly same with African ball puzzle. The aim of this puzzle is transferring the ring to the opposite side. This puzzle is very nice for making as a coffee table puzzle. It looks nice, very easy to make and difficult to solve for your visitors and friends. My puzzle dimensions are here,

Stand up affrican ball puzzle1

If you are planing to make one as a coffee table puzzle you can make a little bigger. I made wooden ring from a wooden dough roller. You can cut it with a scroll saw or you can make something square etc. Rope arrangement is visible from photo. Two end of the rope are fixed to base.

Dumb-bell puzzle

dumb-bell puzzle

The summer is hot and I am very lazy. I found a lot of small string puzzles in my puzzle storage box. This puzzles are easy to make. I made this puzzle long time ago with very limited workshop possibilities. I bought wooden balls from a craft store. The rod that connect two ball is 10 mm round ready stock. And I made for wooden ring from a wooden dough roller. The aim of this puzzle is removing the ring.

Dumb-bell puzzle

If you want make your own puzzle this small drawing can help you for dimensions.

Dumb-bell puzzle dimensions

If you can find wooden beads, you can cut wooden round disks and you can make a puzzle looking like a barbell. This may be a different and nice design.


Mortgage puzzle

Mortgage string puzzle

Save yourself from your bank. The aim of this puzzle is freeing the rope and the wooden man from the card. This puzzle is my arrangement for classic “Red goose puzzle”. You can see a vintage example from here. This puzzle is very easy to make. Instead of wooden man you can use anything bigger than your holes. My puzzle holes are 10 mm.  This puzzle is also  very easy to solve (unfortunately mortgage problems are more complex) and a lot of string puzzle have same principle. But if you need to solution or more information about making this one you can watch this video.

Cash transfer puzzle

Cash transfer low1

The original name of this puzzle is “Five yen puzzle“. I saw this puzzle in an article written by Yutaka Nishiyama. You can read more about this puzzle from this article. The original puzzle was made with a wooden board and two 5 Japanese yen. I decided to make one for me with an old credit card.

Cash transfer puzzle

The aim of this puzzle is to transfer both coin to the same side of the loop. Two coin and a credit card is a funny cash transfer theme. Rope arrangements are visible from photo. Red dashed line show the back side of the card. Holes on coins is about 6 mm and coins diameter is about 16 mm. Holes on credit card are 10 mm. I made this holes with a sharp wood drill bit by drilling same hole from both side but you can find also your own method. They must be smaller than coins. This puzzle isn’t different than “African ball puzzle” and solution is same. Another very easy to make puzzle. I hope you like this theme.

African ball puzzle

African ball puzzle

African ball puzzle is a classical string puzzle. This puzzle has different names. African string puzzle or African ball and string puzzle names also used for this puzzle. There are different explications about the origin of the name of this puzzle. I found a nice article about this puzzle by Yutaka Nishiyama.  You can read full article from here.

The aim of this puzzle is taking four ball to the same side of the loop. This puzzle has also different variations. The fifth ball in the middle of the rope is optional. You can use also one ball on each side of the rope instead of two. Here another version of this puzzle that I made long time ago.

African ball puzzle 2

For this version the aim is taking the ring to the other side of the loop. If you decide to make this version I advise making two ball (balls at the end of the sticks) in different color. Because when you start to solve you can confuse starting and ending sides of the loop. “Sleeper stopper” is also a vertical arrangement of this puzzle. This is a very easy to make puzzle. You can find easily some beads and you can make this in a few hour. You can download PDF solution from here. Or you can watch this video for solution.