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Lollipop puzzle

Lollipop puzzle1

This puzzle is very similar to Dumb-bell puzzle. For craft tips you can read Dumb-bell puzzle. The aim of the puzzle is removing the ring.

Lollipop puzzle

If you want make your own puzzle this small drawing can help you,

Lollipop puzzle

Dumb-bell puzzle

dumb-bell puzzle

The summer is hot and I am very lazy. I found a lot of small string puzzles in my puzzle storage box. This puzzles are easy to make. I made this puzzle long time ago with very limited workshop possibilities. I bought wooden balls from a craft store. The rod that connect two ball is 10 mm round ready stock. And I made for wooden ring from a wooden dough roller. The aim of this puzzle is removing the ring.

Dumb-bell puzzle

If you want make your own puzzle this small drawing can help you for dimensions.

Dumb-bell puzzle dimensions

If you can find wooden beads, you can cut wooden round disks and you can make a puzzle looking like a barbell. This may be a different and nice design.


Two ball string puzzle

two ball puzzle


I don’t know the name of this puzzle. The aim of this puzzle is to get both beads on the same loop. This puzzle looks like “African ball puzzle” but completely different. I saw this puzzle in an article written by Jerry  Slocum. In this article there are a few other puzzles to make and their solutions. You can find detailed instructions for making them and the solution of this puzzle from this PDF article. I used 20mmx20mmx120mm beech. I cut the center of the block only for a different look. Holes are 10 mm. For this kind puzzles, you can find ready wooden beads in craft stores. But if you cant find, you can make wooden cubes and drill them. Two end of the rope are fixed to small beads. A small and funny to solve puzzle. Thanks to Jerry Slocum for this article.

Spider Web Puzzle

Spider web puzzle

This is a well known classical disentanglement puzzle. The aim of this puzzle is to free the ring. I made only a graphical arrangement for this puzzle. This is a simple puzzle and very easy to make. With a good workshop possibilities you can make more than 50 puzzle in one day and may be a good gift for kids.

How to make your own spider web

First you can start by cutting a square wood piece. For this puzzle I used a square wood piece 60 x 60 x 8 mm. Dimensions of this puzzle aren’t critical. You can use any dimension according to your materials. I can say only min. 50 x 50 and max 75 x 75 mm may be a good dimension for playing. (min 2×2 inch and max 3×3 inch).Wood  thickness may be between 6 – 10 mm.

The template (Drawing 2) is for 60×60 mm square. You can save this picture, scale and print according to your material dimensions. After cutting a square , I cut four corners with a hand saw. Green lines show the outside of your square and hole centers. You can drill 10 mm holes (may be between 9-12 mm or bigger for a bigger puzzle). After sanding, you can draw your spider web and spider on the wood with a ball point pen. Don’t use ink pens. If you have a wood burning machine, burning on wood is the best way. And don’t forget adding feet for spider. For finish I applied a kind of lacquer mixed with thinner with an artistic brush. If you like you can use spray varnish.

And third drawing show rope arrangement. You can use a non elastic thick rope about 3 mm diameter. Beads must be bigger than your hole diameter. If you can find some wooden beads looking like a bug egg may be look better.

I used a small wooden ring. But you can use anything that you can find. If you like you can fix a small plastic fly on the ring with glue. Plastic flies are easy to find from fishing suppliers.

Spider web puzzle template
Take the loop 1, pass it from the hole 2 and after over the bead 3. Pull it back from the hole 2 and now the ring is free

Bottle madness 1

Bottle madness ft

This is my weekend project for my third bottle. This is a simple puzzle. But I have a four bottle set and I make that puzzles as a decorative display stand for them. This bottle is an imitation of a first coke bottles produced about 1900’s. If you are a bottle collector or looking for an easy coffee table puzzle for your home decoration, this project may be an alternative for you.

There are a base and a cap piece. The cap piece is fixed to the base with white ropes. The aim of the puzzle is to take apart the bottle by removing the rod from inside of it.

The puzzle is a well known disentanglement puzzle. I adapted it to the bottle cap. Simple but different from commercially sold bottle puzzles.

The external dimensions are about 100x100x220 mm. If you want make your own puzzle, you can download from here free PDF file (0.6 MB on secure server box.com) that include drawings, dimensions and craft tips.