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Puzzles from Yukio Hirose

Pattern match puzzles

A few years ago I discovered a very nice web site with a lot of beautiful color and pattern match puzzles. Mr. Hirose Yukio is a Japanese puzzle designer and designs very nice puzzles and share them in his web site. I made one for my collection almost all his puzzles. You can visit Mr. Hirose Yukio web site and you can see all his nice puzzle designs. You can also download free patterns from his web site. Mr Hirose also describe a method for making your own puzzles you can read his method and develop your own

Here I will explain my method for making this kind of puzzles. I start by printing puzzle sheets with a laser printer. Laser printer printouts are more durable than inkjets. I prefer using a heavy paper. My printer limit is 160 gr/m2 and I use this limit. For tiles I am using 3 mm grey cardboard. I cut grey cardboard to same size with my sheet (I use A4 sheet 210×297 mm). I apply carpenter glue quickly to grey cardboard and to paper. I fix paper to cardboard with care. You can start from top or bottom side of paper and fix it without trapping air between cardboard and paper. After I place this to a flat surface and under something heavy. I let it to dry. After I glue a wallpaper to the back side of the cardboard. You can see from photo my red wallpaper. You can find very cheap wallpapers from stores. At end of seasons stores makes big discounts for out of production or end of stock products. Now your tiles are ready for cutting I am using a thick metal ruler and a heavy duty craft knife. You must be careful for your fingers.

After making your tiles you can find a nice box for them. I found first box shown on the photo in a small shop for less than 0.5 USD. Other two plastic round box are candy boxes. I made a label on their cover. I am sure you will find your own best method.


Ladybugs puzzle

The aim of this puzzle is arranging six tiles for obtaining 7 shape pair. This puzzle is my arrangement for vintage “Matador puzzle”. You can see the original puzzle from Rob’s puzzle page. The original of this puzzle instead of shapes contains half of domino tiles. I like share here my unusual and simple method for making this puzzle. I made puzzle tiles from 3 mm plywood. Each tile is 50×50 mm. Approx. 2×2 inch. For funny looking shapes I used baby dress buttons.

Baby dress buttons

This buttons are cheap and you can find a lot of different shapes. I was bought a lot of them for making game pieces and puzzles. But their back sides aren’t flat. For this reason I cut their back sides with a miniature side cutter. Unfortunately after cutting their back side, still a little plastic remains and I melt this excess plastic with a soldering iron and I obtain nice flat back shapes. Finally I glued them with hot glue to wooden tiles. I applied varnish to wooden tiles after gluing all pieces. If you want make your own puzzle, puzzle pieces are here. You will need to seven different shape.

ladybugs puzzle pieces

You can make also this puzzle on cardboard or if you want make a print and play copy of this puzzle you can preview or download this free PDF file (223 KB on secure server box.com) including black and white and color print and play versions of this puzzle.

Three disk puzzle

Three disk puzzle

A simple but nice puzzle. I made this puzzle according to an old patent. This puzzle was designed by A.H.Wheeler in 1910. You can see original puzzle patent US0968218 from here. I made some versions with different art works made by my sister. The aim of this puzzle matching each body with a head. Discs are two sided. I prepared a print and play version of this puzzle with a different art work. If you want make your own puzzle you can preview or download this free PDF print and play file from here. (0.6 MB on secure server box.com)

Zebra hippo puzzle

fold zebra hipo  paper puzzle

Another popular vintage folding puzzle. You can see original from here. This one also invented by H.Edborg and patented in 1943. Patent number is US2327875. You can fold this puzzle for obtaining a zebra or a hippopotamus. Original puzzle illustration is a cow and horse. This paper is two sided too. If you want make your own puzzle free PDF print and play file with instructions is here (1.4 MB on secure server box.com). For solution you can see original puzzle patent.

Fold a red car

fold red car paper puzzle

This is a popular vintage puzzle invented by H.Edborg in 1942. You can see beautiful original puzzle from here. Patent number is US2327876 Original puzzle has a camel illustration. Old time camels are cars of today. I made a modern illustration for this puzzle. the aim of this puzzle is folding paper so you will obtain a red car. This paper is two sided. If you want make your own puzzle free print and play file with instructions is here (1.6 MB on secure server box.com). For solution you can see original puzzle patent.

Hidden dog and hidden cat puzzles

Hidden dog and hidden cat  puzzlesThis two puzzles are normally free print and play puzzles. This puzzles published by Canon Creative Park. Hidden dog puzzle aim to find fifth dog by using four dog and hidden cat puzzle similarly aim to find sixth cat by using five cat.

This two puzzle are very easy to make. I cut them from 3 mm plywood with a jewelry hand saw. But you can cut also easily with a scroll saw. You can use also thin wood, acrylic etc. instead of plywood. But if you don’t have enough time, you can try print and play version too. If you like make your own puzzle, you can download PDF patterns of Hidden dog puzzle from here and Hidden Cat puzzle from here. In the Canon Creative Park web site you can find also other paper puzzle projects. You can make them from paper or from wood. Other puzzle projects from this web site are,

Sliding dog puzzle
Silhouette puzzle (a different kind of tangram)
Checkered cube puzzle
Christmas puzzle (sliding puzzle)
Halloween puzzle (sliding puzzle)

Micro chess

Micro chess puzzle

Micro chess is a chess based puzzle. Mr. Krill Kryukov was analysed all possible combinations for a 3×3 chess board. I decided to use some of his analyse results and make this puzzle. This puzzle include a small 3×3 board, a chess set, and some cards. There are four level. Beginner (mate in one), intermediate (mate in two), advanced (mate in three) and expert (mate in four). This puzzle is especially funny for chess beginners, occasional players and for kids as a training tool.

3×3 board looks easy. But when you try, you will see that it’s more difficult than you expect. There are also more difficult problems for a 3×3 board. Longest position for a 3×3 board is checkmate in 15 move. You can see other problems from the web site of Krill Kryukov.

If you want make your own puzzle you can download free print and play files from here. I made the board in a DVD cake box from a scrap wood. If you have not woodworking possibilities you can use also a printed board. Small chess sets are chip. This puzzle use only eight pawn of the set. (four black and four white).

I made and publish this puzzle with the permission of Mr.Krill Kryukov. thanks from here. You can make your own puzzle but all copyrights belongs to him.

Formicarium puzzle

Formicarium puzzle

This is my simple match it puzzle design. The aim of this puzzle is making a 5×5 closed loop. This puzzle is made of 25 tiles. I used a formicarium theme. On the photo you can see my hand made version. I made this one by using some engineering drawing tools. A circle template, a ruler and some ink pens. Ants made by using a nut template. After this prototype, for sharing this puzzle here I draw this one with a CAD software. I prefer Draftsight. A very nice free 2D cad software.

If you want make your own puzzle, you can download free print and play PDF file from here. (1.9  MB on secure server box.com.) This file include 4 different version of this puzzle. 4×4 , 5×5, Black and white and color versions are included in this file. You can print on a thick paper, glue on a cardboard and cut with a steel ruler and cutting knife. I prefer 3 mm grey cardboard for this kind of puzzles. Some people prefer printing on full sheet labels instead of gluing the paper on cardboard.

This is a difficult puzzle but funny to play. I hope you like it.