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Eight cubes

Eight cubes puzzle

This puzzle is made of eight cubes. On each small cube there are six different shape (or color) The aim of this puzzle is to arrange eight cubes so each face of the cube will contain same four shape (or color) and all internal touching cube faces will have same shape (or color).  This puzzle is more difficult to solve than you expect. By turning cubes and trying, it’s nearly impossible to find correct solution. For each small cube arrangement there are two way. You can read more about the mathematics of this puzzle from here. I made for myself two different version of this puzzle. I used 30x30x30 mm (11/4″x11/4×11/4) wooden cubes. I cut them from a 30×30 mm stock with a miter saw. For the version on the left I draw shapes with some templates and painted them with an ink pen. For the colored version I draw circles on each cube face and I painted outside of the cubes with black and inside of the circles with color ink pens. You can make also with wood burning or by pattern transfer methods on wood. If you want you can also print labels and you can put labels on school cubes etc. Or you can find your best method.

Eight cube pcs

If you want make your own puzzle, puzzle pieces are here. You can read also more information about this puzzle and you can find the solution of this puzzle from Jaap’s octacube puzzle page. If you follow solution steps you can solve and also you can understand better this puzzle.

Chess cube

chess cube puzzle

Chess cube is another nice and easy to make puzzle. The aim of this puzzle as you can guess is making a 2x2x2 checkered cube. This puzzle designed by Russian designer Leonid Mochalov. I saw this puzzle in his website. In his web site there are also a lot of mechanical  and mathematical puzzles. I can advise to visit this web site to all puzzle enthusiasts. Thanks from here for this puzzle and for his nice web site.

Making this puzzle is very easy. You must cut or find eight cube. I cut from 20×20 mm ready beech stock with my hand miter saw. I made dots with my wood burning tool. You can paint or you can add labels. If you want you can make also paper cubes and play with them. But school cubes ( some times they sell as inch cubes) are cheap and widely available. Using them with labels or stickers is very easy.

After making this puzzle I tried to solve it. There is only one difficulty as shown on the right side of the photo. If you make 4 sides faces correctly checkered, unfortunately top and bottom faces don’t fit to this pattern perfectly. But in any case a nice and difficult to solve puzzle.

Half cubes

Half cubes puzzle

This puzzle pieces are made by joining half cubes. I guess original idea belongs to Toshiaki Betsumiya. He was designed Gemini puzzle for Naef spiegel AG. This company has very nice products. You can see some of their other puzzles fom Rob’s puzzle page. Gemini puzzle is aiming to make a 4x4x5 block fom a mathematical set made by joining half cubes. After Stewart

Coffin was designed “Split cube”. He was designed a 4x4x4 cube by using some pieces of this mathematical set.

And lastly I designed my own puzzle “Half cubes” by using some other pieces of this mathematical set. This puzzle has four solution. Puzzle pieces are here,

Half cube puzzle pieces

For making this puzzle you must cut 16 half cube. For this purpose I used a 40×20 mm ready stock and I cut 40x40x20 mm pieces with my hand miter saw. If you glue first 7 th pieces (bottom line third piece) you can use this piece as a jig for gluing other pieces. Another easy to make and difficult to solve puzzle. If you need solution you can preview or download this free PDF file including pieces photos and solution from here. ( 0.3 MB on secure server box.com)

Jags and hooks

Jags and hooks puzzle

This is an eight piece puzzle. Four piece is tetramino “L” and other four pieces pentomino “Z”.  according an article this puzzle is the earliest rectangular puzzle formed from polyominoes. There are different problems for this puzzle.

1 The aim of the puzzle is making a 6×6 rectangle. This problem has only one solution.
2 You can make also an 3x3x3 cube by using only 3L and and 3Z piece. This problem also has one solution.
3 You can make a 4×9 rectangle. 1 solution again.
4 You can make a 3x3x4 block. this problem has 13 different solution. You can try to find all of them.
5 You can also find different shapes for this parts and make your own booklet.

A very easy puzzle to make and with different problems it is nice to play.

Cubes and planks

Cubes and planks

I designed and made this puzzle long time ago. For designing this puzzle I am inspired from “Stars and stripes” puzzle designed by Wolfgang Schneider. Thanks from here for his beautiful and original design.

This puzzle has nine pieces. I like this puzzle, because it looks nice and different. The solution isn’t very difficult but force you to think about assembly. This puzzle isn’t a beginner project, because it’s require a precise work. For my puzzle, cube dimensions are 20x20x20 mm. Planks are 20x10x80 mm. You can cut planks 0.2 or 0.3 mm longer according to your working precision. You will need 20 cube and 18 plank. The center of the puzzle and the center of each face is empty. Puzzle pieces are here,

cubes and planks puzzle pieces

After preparing your cubes and stripes, assembly also require precision. Before fixing cubes to the planks, you must be sure that a plank can enter between two cube. And the two plank of each piece must be perfectly perpendicular. You can make a simple gluing jig from your scrap woods or you can use a small machinist square. You can make also this puzzle with 3D printing like almost everything. 🙂  You can download or preview free PDF file including solution from here. (0.4 MB on secure server box.com)

Spot dice

Spot dice puzzle

This puzzle is from the book “Puzzles old and new” of professor Hoffmann. A very easy puzzle to make. You can make this puzzle in a few hours. For making this puzzle I used 20×20 mm beech ready stock. I cut them with my hand miter saw and I drilled some holes. For spots I inserted metal ornaments used in fabric industry. You can find your own solution. You can make also spots by wood burning or painting. Puzzle parts are here,

Spot dice puzzle parts

You can make two type dice with this puzzle,

Dice problems1

You can find the solution of this puzzle here.

This puzzle has also an other variation.

Spot dice 2

You can make two type of dice with this parts.

Dice problems 2
An easy to make and funny to play. I hope you like them.

Stand up soma cube

checkered soma low

This puzzle is variation of famous soma cube. Soma cube has 240 distinct solution. But one of them allows to put the puzzle on it’s base center square. This checkered parts give this solution. Adding checker pattern to puzzles and making them more difficult by reducing the number of solutions is a used method. I applied this to soma cube for this solution. I made this puzzle by gluing plastic school cubes. 

Checkered soma pieces This blog isn’t a collector blog. My aim is a do it your self blog and for making puzzles solutions are very useful. For this reason I share solutions.

stand up soma solution