Free the bee puzzle

free the bee puzzle

Hello again after long time. I can’t find time to enter to my workshop for long time. A few days ago I found this wooden bee spoons for a very cheap price (almost wood price) in a local shop discount and I bought them for making this easy and well known puzzle with a different funny theme. The aim of this puzzle as puzzle name says to free small wooden bee. (or a ring if you like). Puzzle pieces are here,

free bee low01

The bee is made of two piece and has a function like a ring. If you are lazy like me you can use a ring instead of making a wooden bee. I cut the bee from 3 mm plywood and mahogany ring piece was a small scrap on my workshop desk (about 20x15x15 mm)I glued the bee. I drilled 3 mm holes to the bottom of honey spoons.

free bee low02

If you want make your own puzzles my approximate dimensions are here,

free bee dim

If you can find cheap honey spoons you can make a simplified version of this puzzle as lollipop puzzle.


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