Stand up African ball puzzle

Stand up affrican ball puzzle

I made this puzzle also long time ago. If you turn this photo (or this puzzle) upside down, you will see this puzzle is exactly same with African ball puzzle. The aim of this puzzle is transferring the ring to the opposite side. This puzzle is very nice for making as a coffee table puzzle. It looks nice, very easy to make and difficult to solve for your visitors and friends. My puzzle dimensions are here,

Stand up affrican ball puzzle1

If you are planing to make one as a coffee table puzzle you can make a little bigger. I made wooden ring from a wooden dough roller. You can cut it with a scroll saw or you can make something square etc. Rope arrangement is visible from photo. Two end of the rope are fixed to base.

4 thoughts on “Stand up African ball puzzle

    1. inkydays Post author

      Sorry, I can’t understand , you mean which puzzle. All puzzles that I share in this blog have correct solutions. If you can write your comment under appropriate puzzle I can help you.

    1. inkydays Post author

      Hello thanks for your interest about this puzzle. This puzzle solution is exactly same with African ball puzzle solution. Only this puzzle is upside-down version of African ball puzzle. Unfortunately this isn’t an easy puzzle.
      Some links for the solution of African ball puzzle are below,

      You can turn your puzzle upside-down and you can solve as shown with the help of this links. I hope this explications may be helpful for you.


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