Dragon puzzle box

Dragon puzzle box

After long time finally I made another puzzle box. Some time ago I watched a video about an antique Chinese puzzle box. There is a sweet competition between China and Japan. I like this. Chinese has tangram and Japans has Japanese tangram. Japans has Japanese puzzle boxes and Chinese has Chinese puzzle box. The mechanism of this Chinese box was very nice and I decided to make one. I made some changes and the result is this box. The name of this box is dragon box. I am planing to make a dragon ornament to side panels in next days with wood burning. Here my video about this box.

For making this box I used cherry and mahogany. Additionally some small padauk scraps from my workshop. This puzzle box is a complex box project (at least for me) and require a lot of drawing and explications. If you want make your own “Dragon puzzle box” you can download or preview free PDF file including photos , explications, plans , drawings etc from here (2.3 MB on secure server box.com) 

2 thoughts on “Dragon puzzle box

  1. onecreativefamily

    My husband loves your boxes and does woodworking so my question is can this be converted to inches easily? I can convert mm to inches but getting 55/64th is kind of hard. What are your suggestions/

    1. Reed B. Turney

      i made this box using only the photos and not the drawings and made it using 3/8″ walnut, maple, and padauk.. i just built it to a 6″x4″x4″ scale.. i imagine that you could use the given drawings but i found that in order to get a fit that didn’t show any open joints that it involved a whole lot of hand sanding and fitting/finishing.. it came out very nicely and i am proud of it; it probably took me a good 30+ hours but was well worth it…


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