Ariel puzzle

Ariel puzzle

Another old puzzle from Victorian era. This puzzle was in my “do it list”. Finally I made this puzzle according the drawing from the book “Puzzles old and new” by professor Hoffmann. A nice but forgotten puzzle. You can see an original antique example from here.  The aim of this puzzle is to free the red rope and big bead from the system. If you are good about solving string puzzles, this puzzle may be easy for you. But for a lot of people may be very confusing.

I made some small changes for making this puzzle easily in my workshop. I made the base of the puzzle from olive tree and other parts are from beech. You can make this puzzle with a few hand tools. You can find beads from craft stores. Sometimes I visit craft stores and buy beads, wooden rings, metal rings etc. This small things are very useful for puzzle craft. In my workshop I have a big box of beads, rings etc. The big yellow bead is an imitation amber bead from India. This is only for fixing ends of red rope. You can find some thing decorative or you can make a small decorative object from wood. If you want make your own Ariel puzzle you can preview or download my free PDF file including drawings, cutting templates and solution from here (1.6 MB on secure server

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