Sleeper stopper

sleeper stopper puzzle

This puzzle is designed by Stewart Coffin. The aim of this puzzle moving one of the beads to the other loop and putting two beads on same loop This puzzle is vertical arrangement of “African ball puzzle”. Rope arrangement is visible from photo but you can find also this puzzle in his 1985 edition puzzle craft book. Both end of the rope are fixed to the wooden block. For this you must drill a small hole according to your rope dimension and glue the rope ends into this hole. I made this puzzle from 20×20 mm ready stock. Wooden part dimensions 20x20x80 mm and rope hole is 10 mm. Wooden beads are from a craft store. I decorated wooden block by painting with acrylic paint.  I rounded corners of wooden block by sanding. You can see solution from here.  I like this puzzle because it looks as impossible to solve.

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