Puzzler puzzle box

Puzzler puzzle b ox

According to my blog stats a lot of people want make puzzle boxes but most of them search easy to make puzzle boxes. Unfortunately, puzzle boxes have some mechanisms and they aren’t easy to make. Most of the puzzle boxes require very precise wood work. I designed this box a few days ago. I am inspired from an antique wooden rattle and a Chinese puzzle. My aim was designing an easy to make puzzle box. I made this box in my workshop in half day. This is a very easy to make puzzle box. Opening mechanism is very simple but confusing for a lot of people. This box has 6 removable panel.

puzzler puzzle box pieces

I think everything is visible from photo. One of the pieces is removable Three small wooden pin and two small but very strong magnet keep in it’s place this removable piece. My box outside dimensions are 100x100x100 mm and inside is 70x70x70 mm. There is a lot of space inside. For panels I used 5 mm olive and end pieces are made from 10×10 mm mahogany. You can make ornaments on panels or fake buttons etc for a more confusing box.

If you want make your own puzzle box you can preview or download free PDF file that I prepared including dimensions, assembly, drawings and craft tips from here. (0.6 MB on secure server box.com)

9 thoughts on “Puzzler puzzle box

  1. Ja Chagani

    Just wondering how this box opens… It seems as if the one piece is removed and that opens it. Just clarifying.

    1. inkydays Post author

      Thanks for your interest about this puzzle box. Yes, as you say after removing one side piece this box opens by sliding this side piece. Removable side piece is visible on the photo. For more detail you can see attached PDF file.

  2. Kit

    I seemed to have measured wrong. The formula and mm are throwing me off. It looks like everything is the same length and width but there isn’t enough room to fit the panels. All of my panels are 3.5inches wide by 4.5inches tall and the blocks on the top and bottom are 3.5. Can you explain what sides need to be what lengths? Thanks!

    1. inkydays Post author

      If I don’t understand wrong your panels length is 4.5 inch (114.3 mm). And Your Panel width is 3.5 inch ( 76.2 mm). And you say blocks on top and bottom are 3.5. This isn’t clear for me. Do you mean 0.35 inch?? And the formula for calculating panel width include panel thickness (s) You don’t say anything here about your panel thickness. I guess you didn’t included panel thickness (This is your panel material thickness) to the formula. If you write meaning of 3.5. and your material thickness we can calculate here panel dimensions. I guess your panel width must be smaller. After making the calculation you can cut your panels to correct width and use them. I hope this explication may be useful for you.

  3. Kit

    Hopefully you can see the image drawing. The panels are 1/4inch thick, 4 1/2inch long, 3 1/2inch wide. The pins are 1/2inch thick and 3 1/2 inch wide. All of them are the same size and there isn’t enough space to assemble. :/ I did something wrong.

    1. inkydays Post author

      Panel width must be,
      W= L (4.5 inch) – 2x panel thickness (1/4) – 2x end pieces dimension (1/2)
      W = 4.5 -( 2×1/4 + 2x 1/2)
      W = 4.5 -(1/2 + 1 )
      W= 3 inch
      you was calculated your panels width wrong. you can easily correct this by cutting your panels to 3 inch (and also your end pieces). I wish you good luck in your projects and thanks for your interest about this puzzle and my blog.

      1. Kit

        Ah! Thank you! The formula threw me off but I see how you did it now. Sorry. Thank you for your time. I’m making the box as a gift, I’ll let you know how it goes. 😊 Thank you again!!!

  4. Coinman

    I am making this box as a gift for a friend as well. Thank you for providing the construction details and sharing your creative ideas!


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