Bottle safe

Bottle safe puzzle


This puzzle is my craft. I made this puzzle for a Coca-Cola bottle. The bottle is the imitation of the first Coca-Cola bottle (1899) produced for 125. anniversary of the company. This puzzle is inspired from well known wine glass puzzles. The aim of this puzzle is solving the disentanglement puzzle at the left, taking the key and opening the padlock at the right. This is a very easy mechanical puzzle to solve. But I made it as a decorative coffee table puzzle for my bottle. I used two kind of wood. The base is white pine, and other parts are a kind of beech. Finally I made an oil finish.

This puzzle is different. The upper dowel is fixed and on the middle part there is a slot. For
removing the bottle you must shift the middle part, but you can’t remove it completely from the assembly. If you want make your own bottle safe puzzle I prepared a file that contains detailed instructions, dimensions, drawings photos etc. You can download or preview this free PDF file from here (1.2 MB on secure server 

8 thoughts on “Bottle safe

    1. inkydays Post author

      Thanks for your interest. For solving you must solve the string puzzle after you take the key and open the padlock. String puzzle isn’t difficult. You take the loop you follow the string path, you take the loop to the other side of the cube (at the end of the string) and you take back the loop. I can’t draw string puzzle solutions but there are a lot of string puzzles with same solution .

    2. ron williams

      must have been having a bad day I worked it out the next day I feel so embarrassed, thanks for the puzzle a lot of people have fun with this

  1. chris

    my basic problem is how to get the key in order to undo the lock. What loop are you referring to in the reply to ‘inkydays’ request for a solution?

    1. diypuzzles

      Hello I will explain the solution here according to the photo on the left side of this page.
      First I will explain how you will arrange the rope. You must take the loop (red rope). You will pass it from bottom hole after you will pass this rope from key hole and after from middle hole. You will continue and pass the rope from top hole and from middle and bottom hole again. After you will pass the loop over wooden cube and you will pull the loop back until top hole. For solution you will reverse this process.
      Solution. You will take the end of the loop from top hole, you will pass it from middle hole and bottom hole and over wooden cube and pull back from bottom hole, middle hole, top hole, again middle hole and key hole. I hope this explication helps you.This puzzle has same solution principle with this one shown on this video.


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