Jags and hooks

Jags and hooks puzzle

This is an eight piece puzzle. Four piece is tetramino “L” and other four pieces pentomino “Z”.  according an article this puzzle is the earliest rectangular puzzle formed from polyominoes. There are different problems for this puzzle.

1 The aim of the puzzle is making a 6×6 rectangle. This problem has only one solution.
2 You can make also an 3x3x3 cube by using only 3L and and 3Z piece. This problem also has one solution.
3 You can make a 4×9 rectangle. 1 solution again.
4 You can make a 3x3x4 block. this problem has 13 different solution. You can try to find all of them.
5 You can also find different shapes for this parts and make your own booklet.

A very easy puzzle to make and with different problems it is nice to play.

2 thoughts on “Jags and hooks

  1. yogisaputro

    I haven’t visit this blog for a while because I thought there’s no more update. Now I’m excited to see new cool posts. Keep it up.
    I like this one especially. Many challenges from some blocks.

    1. inkydays Post author

      Thanks for your interest and nice comment. Adding new puzzles take time. I must enter to my workshop for making new puzzles or prepare documents for old ones for publishing. I am planing to add more puzzles but this will take time.:)


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