Diabolical cube

Diabolical cube puzzle

This simple 3x3x3 cube described first in the book “Puzzles Old and New” by Professor Hoffmann  published in 1893. This puzzle has an historical importance because It’s accepted as oldest puzzle of this type.  All the parts of this puzzle is planar. For this reason a very easy puzzle to make. For beginner to puzzle craft this puzzle may be a good start point. The only part that require a little care is seen on the photo. The center of this this “C” shaped part must have enough clearance so other parts can enter here. If you don’t have a workshop you can make this puzzles by gluing school cubes together. Puzzle parts are here,

Diabolical cube parts

This solution of this puzzle isn’t very difficult. You can find easily after making your cube. You can make also some 2D shapes with this parts for kids.

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