Magician handkerchief

magician handkerchief

This puzzle is a hexagonal polyomino puzzle. It’s made from hexagons. There are total 53 hexagon. This puzzle has 12 pieces. The smallest pieces is made of two hexagon and biggest pieces is made of seven hexagon. Some people find some puzzles made from mathematical sets more valuable. Some people want that all pieces made from same number of hexagons. I dont agrre with this opinions. For me puzzles are for playing and for fun.

Mh pcs colorI made this puzzle from 4 mm acrylic by laser cut. This is a puzzle from my CD in puzzle series. A simple and difficult puzzle. I found 50 pattern for this puzzle. I am sure that you can find more. The easiest way of making this kind of puzzles is laser cut. Alternative methods are,
You can make by cutting a hexagonal stick from a table saw after cut hexagons and glue them.
Some people prefer gluing or welding nuts (stainless steel nuts preferred)
You can cut with a scroll saw
Or you can make a print and play version from thin cardboard

If you want make your own puzzle:
For laser cut ASCI dxf file is here.
Puzzle document PDF including patterns answers and puzzle pieces is also here. (0.4 MB on secure server

A friend Mr.Davor made a copy of this puzzle with 3D printer. Thanks to Mr.Davor for sharing his work. If you have  3D printing possibility you can make your 3D printed copy according to Mr.Davor instructions from here.

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