O’Beirne’s cube

Obeirnes cube puzzle

A six pieces interesting puzzle invented by T:H:O’Beirne. This cube was constructed with 24 rectangular block. Each block dimension is 3x4x6 unit. With the assembly of cube parts an 12x12x12 cube will be obtained. Here I will not explain this cube. But I can advise strongly reading this article about this cube. This puzzle described as a genius idea. Because you can obtain five different block in a cycle like a magic trick.

Puzzle parts are here.






I made this puzzle by using 15x 20 mm ready stock. I cut:

Red pieces:
3a x 4a x 12a
15 x 20 x 60 mm you must cut 6 pieces.

Yellow pieces:
3a x 4a x 6a
15 x 20 x 30 mm you must cut 12 pieces.

If you use this dimensions you will obtain a 60 x 60 x 60 mm cube. This is 12a x 12 a x 12a. I made a saw trace to the middle of red pieces. In this case the puzzle looks like made from rectangular blocks. For a better looking puzzle you can make chamfer to the edge of puzzle pieces before gluing them. After you can glue them according to the picture.

If you want make your own puzzle you can visit this links and watch how to make videos.
How to make your own O’Beirne’s puzzle
O’Beirne’s cube

Happy Christmas and new year to all reader and visitor friends.

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