Wiegleb board

Wiegleb board

This is my Wiegleb peg solitaire board. Rules are same with peg solitaire played on English or French board. If you didn’t played before, you can learn rules from here. This board contains 45 holes and 44 pegs. For making this board I used a piece of plywood and 16 mm marbles. A wooden pizza cutting board can be used. I made the circular slot around the table with a router. For 16 mm marbles 13 mm holes are good for me. the gap  between two marble is 6 mm. Table diameter is about 280 mm. I painted the plywood with black ink and applied a lacquer finish. If you want learn more about peg solitaire and different boards you can visit George Bell’s peg solitaire page. There is a lot of information about peg solitaire.

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