The name of this puzzle is coming from a food special to Istanbul/Turkey. This food has a similar shape to donut a made from a dough similar to pizza but the result is completely different from both of them. This sesame covered delicious food is mostly eaten with Turkish tea. This puzzle consist of 12 discs. The aim of the puzzle is putting this discs one to the top of the other and make a tower. I made this puzzle from 4 mm acrylic by cutting with a laser cutter and gluing pins wit a special acrylic glue. If you want make your own you can make from wood. Puzzle pieces are visible from photo.

simit 004

Short pins length is equal to disc thickness and long pins length is equal to 2 x disc thickness. You can choose disc thickness as you wish. I made also a square version of this puzzle. Square version is easier to make. I made my puzzle from cheap Jenga pieces. You can and glue Jenga pieces together. Puzzle pieces for square version is here.

simit sqr


If you want make your own laser cut puzzle you can download from here my DXF file for laser cut.   This is an ASCI DXF file. Approximately all drawing software can open this file. I used for drawing “Draft Sight”. If you need a SVG file you can open with “Inscape” and transform to svg etc. You will use small rounds that you obtain from holes as pins. For long pins you must glue two round. For gluing pins to correct locations you can glue them according to solution. You can start with first disc and you can put the second on top of first and glue pins to locations indicated by holes.  My disc diameter is 80 mm. You can scale as you wish.

5 thoughts on “Simitler

    1. inkydays Post author

      I will try to find this file in my computer. If I can find I will put a link here (to the end of this post) in a few days.

  1. Bill

    Hi, made this puzzle a couple of weeks ago and everybody who has tried it cannot complete it, so it has turned out to be a great puzzle, thanks for making it available. Can you please email me the solution to putting it together.

    1. inkydays Post author

      Thanks for your interest about this puzzle and for making one. I will send you solution by email.
      For solution Disc numbers from bottom to top are 1, 9, 11, 2, 8, 5, 4 10, 7, 3, 6, 12 according to blog page photo.


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