Marble fun

Marble fun puzzle game

An unusual looking wooden puzzle. The name of this puzzle is “Marble Fun” Because I think all children have marbles and playing with colorful glass marbles is funny for all ages.

This is my first design and craft experience with marbles. I learned a lot of thing from this project. I like describe first this puzzle. This puzzle is a multi challenge puzzle. There are challenge cards with different difficulty levels. The aim of this puzzles is making given pattern by challenge card. If you look to the picture on the top of this machine there are three hole (three input) for putting marbles. And at the back of the machine there are four slot (four output). Each slot can contain maximum five marble. And this puzzle uses total 20 marbles in four different colors.

How the machine send marbles from three input points to four slots? For solving challenges you must first discover how this machine works. I will describe here how it works.
Understanding the mechanic of this machine is not sufficient for solving puzzles but for making your own copy this is a must.

And the fun of this machine is not limited with puzzles. I found also three different two player game possible to play with this machine. Games also require analytical thinking and memory for both player like puzzles.

marble fun puzzle game inside

Inside the machine there are eight wooden switch. Each switch has two position (0 or 1) that direct a marble to left or right. For starting to the game you turn the machine 90 degree to the left for putting all keys to start position as seen in the photo. When you roll a marble, keys that touch to the marble send this marble to correct way and change state for next marble. For example if a switch sends a marble to left, sends second marble to right. That means if you roll two marbles from same input point two marbles can go to two different slot. This machine works with a binary logic.

I made this puzzle by using mahogany, beech, olive and padauk. The tray at the bottom of the machine is removable for taking marbles and also makes easier handling of marbles. I designed this machine for small 12 mm marbles and the overall dimensions of this puzzle (without tray) is 228 x 130 x 26 mm. It’s possible also making a model for 15-16 mm marbles.

If you want make your own marble fun puzzle/game  you can download free PDF file including drawings, plans, photos and craft tips from here. (0.8 MB on secure server

You can download free PDF file including some puzzle cards and game rules from here. (2.0 MB on secure server

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