Hidden dog and hidden cat puzzles

Hidden dog and hidden cat  puzzlesThis two puzzles are normally free print and play puzzles. This puzzles published by Canon Creative Park. Hidden dog puzzle aim to find fifth dog by using four dog and hidden cat puzzle similarly aim to find sixth cat by using five cat.

This two puzzle are very easy to make. I cut them from 3 mm plywood with a jewelry hand saw. But you can cut also easily with a scroll saw. You can use also thin wood, acrylic etc. instead of plywood. But if you don’t have enough time, you can try print and play version too. If you like make your own puzzle, you can download PDF patterns of Hidden dog puzzle from here and Hidden Cat puzzle from here. In the Canon Creative Park web site you can find also other paper puzzle projects. You can make them from paper or from wood. Other puzzle projects from this web site are,

Sliding dog puzzle
Silhouette puzzle (a different kind of tangram)
Checkered cube puzzle
Christmas puzzle (sliding puzzle)
Halloween puzzle (sliding puzzle)

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