Pinpinix pin and hole puzzle

This puzzle is one of my first original designs. I designed this puzzle first, before 6-7 years ago. It was a hand made design (without using a computer). My aim was designing a puzzle with holes on each face of each pieces. I designed “first pinpinix” and made a copy for myself. Afters 5-6 years I have an occasion for making a computer analyse. I found 30 solution for old pinpinix. I tried to improve my design by computer aid. After some improvements “PINPINIX” has born. This puzzle has only one solution.

You can see this puzzle pieces from Mr.Ishino web site.  If you look closer to the picture and to puzzle pieces, you will say “That two puzzle aren’t same”. But puzzle pieces are same except some craft tricks. There are some extra decorative holes on crafted puzzle.

This puzzle has 9 pieces. Each puzzle pieces is made of 1x1x3 blocks. On ech pieces 8 holes is drilled. (exept piece I with 6 holes). Normally both end of the pieces aren’t usable and there aren’t a hole on design model. But I drilled decorative holes on both end of pieces in same diameter with pin holes.

The pin holes are through holes. And I made chamfer for both end of the pins. When you look to assembled puzzle, It’s difficult to differ fixed pins.

My other craft trick is making holes perpendicular to pins. I drill that holes before mounting pins. And when I mount pins, that holes became closed by pins, but looks like a hole from decorative side. And my last craft trick. I make saw traces on each pices for they looks like made from individual cubes.

This puzzle include only one piece that hasn’t a hole on center cube. If you drill two hole to the center of this piece, you can obtain a puzzle with 30 solution. A less difficult, more decorative design.

If you like make a copy for your collection it’s an easy project. I cut 9 pieces (20x20x60 mm), pin holes are 6 mm and other holes are 6,5 mm.  Here there is a video of a copy of this puzzle made by one of my readers.

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