Lost coin

Lost coin

This is another small puzzle design from my workshop. This is a small cube. The aim of this puzzle is extricate the small coin from the horizontal slit located on the front side of the cube. This puzzle isn’t a blind maze for a coin. All external pieces of the cube are fixed. There isn’t any external moving piece or tricky button.

This is a very small cube with 50x50x62 mm ( 2 x2 x 2.5 inch) overall dimensions but inside there is a simple but tricky moving mechanism. After understanding this mechanism you can take out the coin in less than 10 second.

After the design stage, I made this puzzle in my small workshop in 6-7 hour from start to finish. This is a very easy craft project. But I found it funny. May be a gift puzzle for friends with less material and time cost or a pocket puzzle with small dimensions.

If you want to see internal mechanism or make your own puzzle you can preview or download this free PDF file including dimensions, plans and all details from here. (1.2 MB on secure server box.com)

3 thoughts on “Lost coin

    1. inkydays Post author

      If you understand how it’s work you can scale as you wish. I think can work. The exit must be made according to your coin size.


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