Diamond of snakes

Diamond of snakes puzzle

The title is like an Indiana Jones movie. But this is another simple snake cube modification.

You will need three three small snake cube. This shape contain 45 cube. For this reason I advise choosing small sizes cubes. As you can see from the picture top and bottom pieces are end pieces.
I made this shape by drawing a simple solution diagram. This shape and the combination of cubes isn’t a mathematical research result. For this reason probably this isn’t the best combination for this shape. But this is not an easy puzzle. If you like you can draw your own diagram and find your own combinations.
If you like make your own puzzle the combination is:


 If you wants make your own custom diamond of snakes puzzle you can download  or preview this free PDF file (0.6 MB on secure server box.com) including more information about snake cubes and some craft tips.

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