Custom snake cubes

Custom snake cubes

Snake cubes are folding puzzles made from cubes connected together by a piece of elastic rope. This puzzle called sometime as chain cubes or elastic cubes. The aim of this puzzle is folding small cubes into a cube shape. The majority of snake cubes are produced as 3x3x3 cube. That means each puzzle consist of 27 cubes. But on the market there are bigger snake cubes like 4x4x4. The biggest one that I saw is an 6x6x6 snake cube.

Snake cube modifications
Snake cube is today one of the most popular and also over produced puzzle in the world. You can find in puzzle shops,gift shops, toy shops and in super markets a lot of kind snake cube mostly for very cheap prices. There are wooden or plastic snake cubes. There are also different sizes on the market. All of them are checkered and looks same and unfortunately nearly all of that puzzles have same combination. I want explain some snake cube modifications and how to make them. Each snake cube made of three type of pieces.

End pieces
Corner pieces
Straight pieces

I decided to dismount some snake cubes and make my custom combinations. I made 12 custom snake cube by using 13 standard cube. If you wants make your own custom snake cubes you can download  or preview this free PDF file (0.6 MB on secure server

And If you want read more about snake cubes, you can visit “Jaap’s puzzle page” and learn more about theory and math of snake cubes.

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