Fake 3x3x3 cube

Fake 3x3x3 cube


This simple looking puzzle is more difficult than you can expect. This is fake 3x3x3 cube. Because this puzzle looks like a simple 3x3x3 cube. But from mathematical side (and difficulty of the puzzle) this puzzle is a 6x6x6 cube. My aim was designing a 6x6x6 cube but easy to make with less material like an 3x3x3 cube. This is the result. This puzzle has nine pieces and only one solution. Here you can see puzzle pieces.

Fake 3x3x3 cube


If you wants make your own puzzle you need to two ready stock size ax2a and 2ax2a. I prefered 20×10 mm and 20×20 mm. This is a good size to play. You obtain an 60×60 mm cube. You can use also 1×1 inch and 1×1/2 inch stocks. You can find this kind of ready stocks in big hardware stores. You can cut pieces according to the photo with a simple hand miter saw and glue them together with carpenter glue. The puzzle on the photo is made of African mulberry. But you can use any hardwood. Beech wood is a good alternative. Easy to find and cheap.

The booklet for this puzzle and the solution is in this free PDF file (0.2 MB on box.com)


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