Ball truck

Ball truck puzzle

A small truck, a big car and a stainless steel ball. The aim of this puzzle is taking out the steel ball. As you can guess this is a small dexterity puzzle. For me dexterity puzzles are toys. But I like toys and I make also some toys. For this reason making a small dexterity puzzle is a funny project for me.

For this project I used salt shaker. I removed its cap and I obtained a very small jar. The acrylic pipe used for this puzzle is an old empty pen. The pipe is fixed to the cap. Ball truck and car are only moving pieces of this puzzle.
If you look closely to the photo you can see a small hole on the truck. For taking out the ball you must use this truck and the car. The trick of the puzzle is very simple but require a lot of patience. I am sure you find how to take out the ball.

If you want make your own puzzle you can preview or download this free PDF file from here (0.7 MB on secure server including dimensions, craft tips and solution.

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