Pinco cube

Pinco cube puzzle

This 3x3x3 cube is made of cubes connected with pins. Before two weeks ago I made a model of “Cupinix” in my workshop. After playing with them, I decided to make a puzzle with same properties, but with less pieces. First, I started by connecting some pieces on computer. That gives exactly same solution with same mechanism. After I take some cubes from some pieces and connected them to other pieces and removed some holes. As the result, I obtained this puzzle.

Pinco cube puzzle pieces

Here you can see puzzle pieces. This puzzle has 7 pieces. This puzzle has only one solution. Require 13 move and 4.4.2. Like many puzzle of this type disassembly is easy if the pieces is made with a little clearence. For this reason I think this puzzle is a put together problem.

As seen on the photo, after the assembly, the center layer of the cube turn a little. That give an interesting feeling in first touch like a twisty puzzle. The overall dimensions of this cube is 60x60x60 mm( about 2 ½ x 2 ½ x 2 ½ inch)

If you want make your own puzzle you can preview or download this free PDF file from here (0.3 MB on secure server including dimensions and craft tips.

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