Cupinix is a puzzle of my original design. I tried to make a different 3x3x3 cube. I started as a hand made design. For my hand made designs I was using “Solid works”. A very good 3D design software for engineers. Now, at home as a free alternative I prefer “Google sketch up” After designing this puzzle I made also a model for “Burrtools” and analyzed on computer.

Here you can see puzzle pieces. At first look it looks like a simple 3x3x3 cube. There are four different type pieces. All pieces made of two cube connected with a rode. 13 pieces made with 26 cube. That means the center of the cube is empty. Pieces also looks very simple. From photo you can guess the place of pieces on the cube.

Cupinix puzzle pieces

Now I like write about the difficulty of this simple 3x3x3 cube with very simple parts. It’s a seriously interlocking cube. For a burr tool analyze you must make a 9x9x9 cube model. As the result of the analyze you find two solution slightly different one with 15 and the other with 17 move. This simple cube require two complex half assembly and you must shift first half to second half. For final assembly you must make 3 additional move.

If you want make your own puzzle you can preview or download this free PDF file from here (0.4 MB on secure server including dimensions, craft tips and solution .

And a few days ago a friend Mr.Willie Zenk made model of this puzzle for 3D printing. Thanks from here. If you want make a 3D printed copy of this puzzle, you can visit his web page and you can download the 3D model and make your own 3D printed puzzle.

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