Ready mixed Rubik cube

Ready mixed Rubik cube

Rubik cube is one of the most popular mechanical puzzle. This is my second modification project for Rubik cube. The world record for solving a Rubik cube is about 6-7 second. I think this people spend more time for mixing a Rubik cube than solving. This is a joke of course.

My idea was making two color scheme on a Rubik cube. When you solve one, other color scheme became ready mixed for solving. This is an easy project, but may be a nice addition to your collection, if you collect mechanical puzzles.

ready mixed Rubik cube

For this modification I used a Rubik cube with plastic tiles. I don’t like labels. They peel off easily.  I drilled each cube surface. For colorful dots I used pushpins. I cut pushpins with a small jewelry saw and glued them on cube surface with two component epoxy glue. For making this puzzle, first you must mix well your cube and after drill and glue colorful dots. If you are looking for an easy way, you can print your two color labels and apply them on cube surface.

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