Tugboat puzzle box

Tugboat puzzle box   Another small matchbox safe from my workshop. This puzzle box is very similar to my “Cargo boat” puzzle box. I started both of them in same time. But the mechanism of this box is slightly different from other. This box looks like a child toy but I made this box as a matchbox safe. It’s possible also to put inside some small jewelry items like rings or earrings. If you want a bigger box, you can upscale this one.

If you want make your own box you can download from here free PDF file including drawings, plans, photos and craft tips from here. (0.8 MB on secure server box.com)

4 thoughts on “Tugboat puzzle box

  1. John

    This is a great puzzle and I’m just about to start fixing the pieces together. In your plan it looks as if the funnel is stuck to the deck – not a good fix as you are glueing endgrain and the joint is potentialy weak – I suggest you continue the hole in the cabin through the deck and glue the funnel in the deck hole leaving it flush with the underside of the deck.

    1. inkydays Post author

      You are right. If you make as you said, this will be a stronger construction. Thanks for the advice. Your advice will be hepful also for the other people who will make this project.

      1. John

        I’ve finished the puzzle and it was a delight to make. The little screw locking device on the back can be very easily adapted from a hollow door fixing bolt. This has a 5.5 mm screwed sleeve and a 4mm insert screw,. It works a treat!

      2. inkydays Post author

        Thanks for your interest and make this puzzle. It’s very nice for me to hear that some one make a puzzle from this blog.

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