Minipeg puzzle

This is a simple peg solitaire puzzle played on 4×4 board. As you can guess this puzzle isn’t for puzzle enthusiasts. I designed this puzzle as a training puzzle for small children about 6-7 years old. 4X4 board is easy. The challenges start with beginner level for teaching basic removals. I think after finishing this challenges, a child may be ready for English or French board.

This is a very easy craft project. You can make a 4×4 board as you wish from wood, cardboard, fabric etc. and finding funny game pieces isn’t difficult. There is 40 challenge card. Challenge cards are two sided. At the back side of each card there is the solution for this challenge. I printed them on a card stock in a print on demand company. You can print as you like and cut with a craft knife and steel ruler. Keep your fingers away.

I think an easy, funny and educational craft project for your kids or as a gift for friend’s kids. If you want make your own puzzle you can download free PDF file including print and play cards from here (3.7 MB on secure server

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