Micro chess

Micro chess puzzle

Micro chess is a chess based puzzle. Mr. Krill Kryukov was analysed all possible combinations for a 3×3 chess board. I decided to use some of his analyse results and make this puzzle. This puzzle include a small 3×3 board, a chess set, and some cards. There are four level. Beginner (mate in one), intermediate (mate in two), advanced (mate in three) and expert (mate in four). This puzzle is especially funny for chess beginners, occasional players and for kids as a training tool.

3×3 board looks easy. But when you try, you will see that it’s more difficult than you expect. There are also more difficult problems for a 3×3 board. Longest position for a 3×3 board is checkmate in 15 move. You can see other problems from the web site of Krill Kryukov.

If you want make your own puzzle you can download free print and play files from here. I made the board in a DVD cake box from a scrap wood. If you have not woodworking possibilities you can use also a printed board. Small chess sets are chip. This puzzle use only eight pawn of the set. (four black and four white).

I made and publish this puzzle with the permission of Mr.Krill Kryukov. thanks from here. You can make your own puzzle but all copyrights belongs to him.

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