Formicarium puzzle

Formicarium puzzle

This is my simple match it puzzle design. The aim of this puzzle is making a 5×5 closed loop. This puzzle is made of 25 tiles. I used a formicarium theme. On the photo you can see my hand made version. I made this one by using some engineering drawing tools. A circle template, a ruler and some ink pens. Ants made by using a nut template. After this prototype, for sharing this puzzle here I draw this one with a CAD software. I prefer Draftsight. A very nice free 2D cad software.

If you want make your own puzzle, you can download free print and play PDF file from here. (1.9  MB on secure server This file include 4 different version of this puzzle. 4×4 , 5×5, Black and white and color versions are included in this file. You can print on a thick paper, glue on a cardboard and cut with a steel ruler and cutting knife. I prefer 3 mm grey cardboard for this kind of puzzles. Some people prefer printing on full sheet labels instead of gluing the paper on cardboard.

This is a difficult puzzle but funny to play. I hope you like it.

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