Wooden Bandaged Rubik Cube

Wooden bandaged rubik cube

This is my Rubik cube modification. According the information from Twisty Puzzles Museum this puzzle design is from Hidetoshi Takeji. You can read more about this puzzle from here. But I will describe here basic method for making a bandaged wooden Rubik cube from a standard Rubik cube. You can make different bandaged cubes with same method. You can find different bandaged Rubik cube designs from Twisty Puzzle Museum

This is a very easy to make bandaged cube. I started with a standard good quality Rubik cube. This is not an original Rubik Cube. But I think some Rubik cubes sold on the market are better than original Rubik Cube.

First I peel off all labels and clean cube surfaces with a paper towel and paint thinner. I fixed some cube parts with glue and I fixed my wooden tiles as label. If you like make your own puzzle modification you can read from here my step by step intructable from here or you can download free PDF file (0.6 MB on secure server box.com) including all explications and craft tips.

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