Tricky Opening Bottle

Tricky opening bottle puzzle

This puzzle is my original design. There are tricky opening boxes, secret opening boxes etc. I call this puzzle tricky opening bottle. All bottle puzzles are in reality disentanglement puzzles with rope. This puzzle is different. At the back side of the puzzle there is a wooden lock mechanism. The mechanism is not very complex or ingenious. A simple mechanism. Easy to use for making puzzle boxes. I made also some puzzle boxes with same mechanism.

The mechanism has ten sliding wooden keys. Each key may be at left side or at right side. For opening the bottle you must arrange all keys in correct position. The possibility is 1/1024. And an other interesting side of this puzzle (for me) that ten wooden keys are removable. After opening the bottle you can arrange wooden keys and you can change the combination as you like.

This puzzle (relatively to other bottle puzzles) is very small. Making this puzzle is not difficult. But require some model maker tools instead of woodworker equipment.

If you like make your own puzzle, you can preview or download from here free PDF file (0.6 MB on secure server including more photos, plans, drawings and craft tips.

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