Toothpick Box

Toothpick puzzle box

I call this box “Toothpick Box”. Mechanic of the box is exactly same with “Twin Lock Box”. For this box I made side panels longer for hiding wooden keys. On each side of the box there are five small hole (5 mm diameter) For opening the box you must configure wooden keys by pushing them. Because of production clearances there are a small clearance on box cover. That makes easier to find the cover but it’s not important. Because finding the cover don’t help to open the box.

I made this box from padauk. They call some time “ Blood wood” I was expecting an orange color. But its red. I am not sure is that true color or the wood is exposed to sun light on seller shop. Because on woodworker sites they say this wood becomes darker when exposed to sun light.

This is my first puzzle with padauk. All workshop, my clothes and me became red because of sanding dust It paint everything like an oil pastel. This is a little bigger box (82x92x150 mm) Dimensions are planned for less scrap from my material.

From photos, you can see some inside details. If you like make your own puzzle box, you can download from here free PDF file (0.8 MB on secure server

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